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Name of the event

FREE DANCE 2003 Contemporary Dance and Performance International Festival

Scheduled time

November 1-7, 2003.

Place and time

Since 2001 Dnipropetrovsk has been a traditional place of the Festival. The performances will be staged in the Gorky Russian Drama Theatre and the Shevchenko Ukrainian Musical Drama Theatre.

The performances start at 6 p.m.

Educational program events will take place at DRUGIE TANCI (OTHER DANCES) School halls (49, Karl Marx avenue).


DRUGIE TANCI Contemporary Choreography School is a professional educational institution and information center. The mission of the School is contemporary dance and performance popularization in Dnipropetrovsk region and Ukraine.


The experience of the previous festivals testifies that FREE DANCE is not in the least the demonstration of the achievements in contemporary choreography but rather the search of possibilities TO GATHER US – the people lacking in the ability and aspiration for standards on stage and in life and unable to squeeze into the formal averaged cultural-entertainment framework.

FREE DANCE is a search and experiment, a FLYING!

“…it is a Dance, where the Human-Being reflects, the civilization lives with its plastic and music…everything!” Vasiliy Rozanov, the Russian Philosopher.


The idea of the traditional festival in Dnipropetrovsk evolved from the fruitful cooperation of DRUGIE TANCI School, the Embassy of France and the French Cultural Center in Ukraine. ALAMBIC French Company concert tour was the first successful joint project.

History of the Festival

In November 2001 the AZANI French Company and DRUGIE TANCI School performances took place and the workshops in contemporary dance technique were conducted by Fred Bendongue within the first FREE DANCE Festival framework.

The participants of the second Festival (November 2-8, 2002)

  • CHRISTINE BASTIN Company (France)
  • TWOINONE Company (Austria – Hungary)
  • AURA Dance Theatre ( Lithuania)
  • DRUGIE TANCI Theatre (Ukraine)

Within the frameworks of the 2nd Festival the laboratory of improvisation under the direction of Akos Hargitay and Michaela Pein, the TWOINONE company dancers and choreographers, worked; the improvisation performance was created and performed. DRUGIE TANCI School students and pedagogues became the participants and co-authors of the performance. Michel Abdoul, the French dancer, worked with the DRUGIE TANCI Theatre dancers at improvisation duets, which also became the part of the Festival program.


The Festival Project – 2003 includes the show and educational programs in genre of contemporary dance and performance.

Show Program:

  • November 1, 2003 The Opening of the Festival
  • November 2, 2003
    • Chelyabinsk Municipal Contemporary Dance Theatre (Chelyabinsk, Russia) - CINEMANIA
  • November 3, 2003
    • Chelyabinsk Municipal Contemporary Dance Theatre (Russia) – OZHIDANIYE (EXPECTATION)
  • November 5, 2003
    • Teresa Ondrova Project (Prague, Czechia) – THROUGH THE BOTTLE NECK
    • QUADRO Contemporary Dance Group (Gomel, Belarus) - ILLUSIYA RAZVITIYA (EVOLUTION ILLUSION)
    • Alexandra Soshnikova&Sergey Golovnya Improvisation Project (Kishinev, Moldova)
  • November 6, 2003 The Festival Children’s Day
    • DRUGIE TANCI Contemporary Dance School (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine);
    • Contempoarry Dance Department of the Arts School (Gomel, Belarus);
    • Contemporary Dance School (Kishinev, Moldova).li>

Participants’ selection criteria

The performances included in the Festival program represent the wide spectrum of movement techniques and conceptions typical for contemporary dance and performance genre. Some professional companies and dance theatres which were selected within the framework of international projects the DRUGIE TANCI School participated in, have already been invited. The Festival is currently open for creative offers, contacts and application for participating in all the program types.

Educational program

  • November 1, 2003 - workshop in Modern Jazz technique. It is designed for children aged 10-12 who have the elementary level in Jazz techniques. Leader : Severine Prunera - Magali&Didier Mulleras Compagny (France).
  • November 2, 2003 - Workshop in Contemporary Dance technique. This workshop is intended for youth dancers aged 14-17 who have the advanced level in contemporary dance training. Leader: Elisabeth Nicol - Magali&Didier Mulleras Compagny (France).
  • October 31 –November 4, 2003 - Creative workshop in contemporary dance technique & improvisation. This educational project is intended for dancers and choreographers who have the advanced level in contemporary dance & improvisation. Leader: Be Van Vark - Contemporary Dance Centre (Berlin, Germany).

The photo and arts shows, the participants and spectators meetings and discussions, press conferences, interviews, spectators’ questionnaires are planned within the Festival framework as well.


  • The telephone number for booking tickets: + 38 0562 464 200
  • To take part in the workshops one should register at: or web-site
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