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Вам никогда не удастся создать из детей мудрецов,если вы будете убивать в детях шалунов...

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Life is a Dance.
The Dance within Time and Space…
We dance our Dance at home, with children, relatives, friends…
We dance in our professional life…
And we improvise every single minute

Spontaneity and awareness, choice freedom and responsibility for our actions, ease and confidence in movements, managing space without limits, ability to get in contact, being open to new knowledge – all those are elements of improvisation and, at the same time, of the life harmony, which the children of the OTHER DANCES are taught to learn.

Yes, our children differ from most of the kids of their age by demonstrating their inner freedom, life energy, hard working, clear thinking, independent evaluation, self-respect and sense of humor, as well as courage and ability to make non standard decisions.

By setting child's body and mind free, paying particular attention to movement-music-space-partner improvisation, we teach the child most important things, i.e. how to listen and hear his own self and, at the same time, how to build positive relations with the surrounding world.

OTHER DANCES is a professional authoring school-workshop working in Dnipropetrovsk (now Dnipro) since 1996. The fields of the artistic interest of the school are theatre, dance, improvisation, performance practices.

The main educational disciplines are improvisation, contemporary dance techniques, acting skills, speech, special physical training.

The creative process is structured in the form of creative laboratories, during which children and teachers work together to create the concept of future performance.

The philosophy of our work with children is simple and intelligible: we initiate them to the co-creative process in which they are not passive performers, but collaborators. In our process it is difficult for a child to be a consumer. A passive consumer of information, experiences and emotions. This is simply impossible. The child has to be actively involved: to take the initiative, suggest, look for a solution, think, analyze, switch on imagination, take responsibility, cultivate openness and empathy. To engage today's children in such a process is not easy. It requires energy of interest, attention and discipline from all its participants - children, teachers and parents.

The educational process of the 'Other Dances' school takes place in Dnipro, Kyiv and Odessa.

School Ideologist and Artistic Director – Maryna Lymar

Teaching Staff:
Anastasiia Kuzmicheva
Dmitry Kulaksizov
Anna Volkomor
PR Manager - Darya Burik


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