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Вам никогда не удастся создать из детей мудрецов,если вы будете убивать в детях шалунов...

Жан-Жак Руссо



I am a Verticoultyap! *

I can verticoultyap….

But I can also verticoultyap… inside out!

Marina Lymar and Anastasiia Kuzmitchiova Creative Laboratory Movement, dance, acting skills, speech

We continue observing life and living it to the fullest… Playing, laughing, getting curious, fantasizing, moving actively, dancing, perceiving music, communicating with one another not 'for fun', but greedily.

We continue capering and fooling around and get a real pleasure from the process.

Each lesson moves us forward, gives the opportunity to go beyond the known and familiar, thus seeming to be easy and affordable. Each lesson gives us a little more courage to enter a zone of ignorance, a little more determination to express our own viewpoint and, at the same time, reveals our ability to listen patiently to the one around and realize that somehow your viewpoint is not the only one in this world. And at the same time it is unique. Each lesson develops such qualities in us, which are so essential for a positive and constructive dialogue, building your relationships with the outside world.

At the end of each creative year we always invite the spectator to share with us the joy of communication. To walk together with us along the road created by our imagination. It is interesting for the children to go along this way. They are ready to go ahead as far as possible. Everything depends on the dialogue manner. On the talent and skills of adults going next and evoking the imagination of the children. Discovering in them the talent to invent their own reality and live happily in it…

Co-authors of the creative process – students of the 'Other Dances' Centre: Aleksandra Podgornaya, Georguiy Kislitsyn, Yan Tsykalyuk, Sofia Sokolenko, Dana Zhuravleva, Valeria Siryk, Darina Katsyuba, Anastasiia Koshelnik, Yulia Zhdanova, Aleksandra Maidak, Ludmila Tokar, Maria Tregubenko, Eva Marycheva, Sofia Degtyarenko, Maria Sheremetyeva.

*the one who likes to show off


современный танец | contemporary dance | театр танца | школа танца в Днепропетровске | детская танцевальная школа | перформанс | физический театр