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Creative lab in Odessa,January 2010

«For those who knew the delight of creation any other delights no longer exist»
Anton Chekhov

Those of us who have known the truth put into words by the genius, those of us who have been sensitive to feel the human soul unmistakably, have no slightest doubt that such truth is absolute. Those who haven’t known it so far, just believe it. Or get to know it.


I believe that most of the active individuals working within the choreographic space in Ukraine sooner or later start questioning their competence in the field of professional staging and production.
At least, I’d like to believe in it. I assume, many of them are holders of professional diplomas issued by one of the specialized Ukrainian high schools evidencing their obtaining degrees in choreography. Still, holding such a diploma, even if there’s the highest grade in the ‘choreographer’s skills’ section, doesn’t save the diploma owner from asking himself the above question.

While today’s Ukrainian dance context more and more reminds a third-rate provincial variety show.  

What to start with? Which artistic method to use?
How to link a personal author’s concept with the musical material?
How to get out of the framework of those built in consciousness forms and stereotypes?

These questions are asked by the choreographers of my generation, who were taught to stage according to the canons, which are hopelessly obsolete nowadays. Unfortunately, many of us keep staging like that until now “having despondently stuck” in yesterday. The issue is no less topical for those ‘young and daring’, i.e. for the generation which, from my viewpoint, no one have ever taught staging at all: no more desire to do it as of old, still no ability do it in a new way. I’m far from accusing any individual person, the current system of national education or the Ukrainian mentality in the existing situation.
We accepted it as a given and tried to make a specific practical step forward.

10 young choreographers from Odessa participated in the work of the creative laboratory:

учасники проекта

Masha Lomakina
Nina Mityayeva
Natasha Dombrovskaya
Yulia Tvorilova
Yulia Lokotskaya
Natasha Moiseeva
Malvina Zagrebneva
Natasha Ostapchuk
Zulfiya – Elena Tursunova
Yulia Mirovskaya

Our joint research was based on three-minute solo miniatures pre-staged by each of the participants.
We were involved in improvisation and composition, which was sort of a “warming-up” for our creative work. We were experimenting and learning to feel and express in a dance those single, momentary conditions which were available to us out of the whole multitude of conditions. During the course and in the process of our joint work at each solo, as well as in the course of discussions, using trial-and-error method we were getting our creative ‘bids’ ‘into shape’, i.e. searching, researching, structuring, trying to make each solo more and more distinct. In our work we were getting rid of “dancing” striving to make the idea being clearly expressed by the body.
Our work lasted for 4 days.

To conclude the course, we showed to spectators our one-hour long
performance which was the result of our creative laboratory work.

руководитель проекта марина лымарь


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