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Вам никогда не удастся создать из детей мудрецов,если вы будете убивать в детях шалунов...

Жан-Жак Руссо




A very personal story about every one of us, where there is nothing personal…
Where is the child who used to live in me?
The child who would look out into the world with wide open eyes of the colour of spring meadow flowers crowned with morning dew drops…
The child who would speak the tongue of the sea surf… and the tongue of the fallen autumn leaves carpet-covering the paths of a city park…
Where is that tuning fork which used to help me sound without

any pathos or false?
Don’t we lose forever, “while growing older and wiser», those eternal qualities we were given initially from above,
i.e. spontaneity, sincerity, truth?
And if we do lose them,
then why?
Why, as soon as a child living inside gets quiet, we gradually lose that fantastic weightless sensation of happiness?

European in its laconic style, with minimalism in set design and costumes, unexpected a because of a risky collision of a professional concept and childish ease of the performers, the performance puts these questions in front of each of us. And it is not in a hurry to give answers, thus allowing the viewer to start his OWN complicated search of his OWN answers.
«All adults used to be children once. But only few of them remember this».
These prophet words belonging to Antoine de Saint Exupery as put into a child’s mouth turned into sort of a diagnosis to the whole adult mankind, the diagnosis being quite disturbing, still true.   
With those words a creative laboratory started.
Maryna Lymar invited ten of her disciples to participate in it, the youngest of whom being 7 years old, while most experienced graduates of the Centre OTHER DANCES are 20.
«Nothing Personal» which was the result of this joint work, had its debut in Dnipropetrovsk in May 2008 within the framework of the FREE DANCE International Festival.
Idea|Directed by:Maryna Lymar
Music:Aidar Gahidullin
Choreography:Maryna Lymar and dancers
Inna Aslamova
Light Design:Maryna Lymar,Inna Aslamova
Running time:50 min.
Premiere: Dnipropetrovsk, 2008
FREE DANCE Festival  Coproduction

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