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Tereza Ondrova Project (Prague, Czechia)


  • Dance Centre Prague - 1992-1998
  • Academy of Performing Arts-Dance pedagogy, Prague -2000-…


  • Domino Dance Company ,Praha – 98-2000

Own projects:

  • „Through the bottle neck“ – 2002
  • „The Circle“ – 2003


Choreography, dance: Tereza Ondrová & Veronika Knytlová

Music: collage Jiří Jakl, Ondřej Urban

Lights: Pavel Kotlík

Motto: „If you reach the very bottom of your bottle, for a little while through the mouth of the bottle, you can witness the story on the bottom…“

„Through the bottle neck“ is a tiny story, a first choreographic try. It arose from a long-standing friendship, which became the main source of inspiration. It doesn´t try to depict a story, describe it from outside, but it tries to open itself to a sensitive observer. Only through the way of intuition, also the spectator can become a participator in the most confidential conversations and discover the secret wishes…As if he would look into the window of someone else´s flat and witnessed a small part of somebody´s stories.

This choreography got the 2.price in the International Competition for Choreographers Contemporary Dance in Bornem (Belgium).

Address: Celetna 28, Praha 1-110 00, Ceska Republika / Czech Republic
E-mail: [email protected]
Telefon / Phone: +420-224 214 687
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