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‘Voice’ Duo – Alexandra Soshnikova & Sergey Golovnya

An artistic collaboration between Alexandra Soshnikova & Sergey Golovnya began in 1999 while they were part of the modern choreography group ‘Voice’ led by A. Doniy. Since 2001 the dancers have been working as an independent duet. Their favorite sort of dance is improvisation. Alexandra & Sergey stage joint performances, travel and teach the contemporary dance and contact improvisation techniques while working with both adults, and kids.

Joint work in performances as below:

  • “Of Eminesku” (production – A. Doniy)
  • “When I was an Old Lady” (production – A. Doniy)
  • “While the Kettle’s Boiling” (dancers and choreographers)
  • “Three’s Malapropos, still not the Crowd” (joint project with Ruslan Santakh – Kiev, Ukraine)
  • “The nearer, the farther” (joint project with the musicians Garic Tverdokhleb & Vasiliy Braga)
  • “Just Close Your Eyes” – for the students of ‘Fantezia’ school of contemporary dance (choreographers)
  • “Improvisation” (joint video project with Mikhail Chobanu)

“The nearer, the farther”

“Voice”. Contemporary Dance group Sergey Golovnya &Alexandra Soshnikova (dancers), Garik Tverdokhleb (percussion), Dorian Burlaku (mouth-organ)

… We’re enhancing our co-existence by enspiring and supplementing one another with our being different. Then why are we striving to eliminate the distinctions and in chase of equality are losing the power of our true destination – to be our own selves?

«Fantezia» School of contemporary and folk dance (Kishinev, Moldova)

«Just Close Your Eyes»

… Night dreaming is the dissolving of our fantasy

Performers: Vladimir Polamarchuk, Andrey Katrinich, Ilia Khadyrka, Anastasiya Ponomareva, Tatyana Malik, Nina Paskal

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