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Мaryna Lymar

Maryna Lymar is a graduate of the Romance and Germanic Faculty of Oles’ Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University, as well as of the Faculty of Choreography and Direction of Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts.

She began her independent creative and pedagogical activity in 1996 by establishing in Dnipropetrovsk the ‘Drugie Tantsy’ (Other Dances) Centre, the subject of artistic research of which being movement, dance, physical theatre and performance. The Centre graduates successfully pursue their professional career in Ukraine, France, Belgium, the UK, Canada, Russia.

Maryna Lymar participated in more than 60 international internships, scholarship programmes, creative residences as a performer and a teacher. She explored various directions of contemporary dance, physical theatre, performance practices, somatic disciplines and conscious movement techniques (Alexander technique, Ideokinesis, Body Mind Centering, Franklin Method, Authentic Movement) within the programmes of the following international institutions and projects:

Impulstanz Festival –Dance Web Program (Austria), Сentre choregraphique Languedoc-Rousillon and MontpellierDanse Festival (France), Dance Theatre Workshop and ADF (USA), International Dance Fair NRW (Germany), Еdinburgh Festival Fellowship Program (UK), Masdanza Festival (Spain), Tanec Praha Festival (Czech Republic), Contemporary Dance Forum (Lublin - Poland), Notafe Festival (Estonia), Free Dance Festival (Ukraine - France), Meyerhold Centre (Russia).

Maryna Lymar is a participant of an international theatre light directing programme of the Мoving Academy of Performing Arts (Netherlands), professional internships in the sphere of art management and fund raising within the programme of the Association of Performing Art Presenters Global Conference (APAP|NYC), Trans Europe Halls International Network, Performing Arts Market-Seoul (PAMS), Dance Traffic Project (USA - Kenya).

2000 through 2008 she was an artistic director and co-producer of the ‘Free Dance’ International Festival with over 50 professional dance companies from 12 countries of the world having performed within the festival programme.

Maryna Lymar is a member of СID –UNESCO. Graduate of the international programme “Responsible Leadership» initiated in Ukraine by ASPEN Institute (USA) and Victor Pinchuk Foundation. Artistic director of the Performing Arts Association «UviMkneni». Since 2015 she’s been a holder of a fellowship of an international programme «Тheatre. Feedom. Dialogue” initiated by the European Theatre Convention with the aim to integrate Ukraine into the European theatrical context.


Site specific performances
Day and Night: No White and Black
Bring Colors to Your Life
Ukraine. G-Spot
It’s Not What You Thought…

Stage performances
- Nothing Personal
- Nice People, or What does «delicacy» mean?
- Who Is That Kukaryamba? (by Astrid Lindgren’s novel «Pippi Longstocking»)
- Creative Ignorance (by Lewis Carroll’s tale «Alice in Wonderland»)

mountaineering, riding

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