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The performance 'Ukraine.G-Spot' in MYSTETSKYI ARSENAL

8 October

The performance 'Ukraine. G-Spot'has been invited to become part of the BOOK ARSENAL 2012

1 October

October 4th -7th, 2012, the Second International Festival BOOK ARSENAL is underway in cultural and art complex Mystetskyi Arsenal in Kiev.

BOOK ARSENAL is one of the most notable literature and art events in Ukraine.

BOOK ARSENAL claims its goals as promoting recreational reading, encouraging dialogue of readers and experts, strengthening ties between the art and literature, supporting intellectual and art publishing in Ukraine, the culture of the art publishing in Ukraine by means of educational events and international exchange.

The project has a long-term mission in the sphere of the cultural politics, charity, in particular, the development of the city of Kyiv and its integrating into the international cultural context.

More than 150 events will be held on ten sites inside the Mystetskyi Arsenal, including presentations of new books, talks with authors, autograph sessions, workshops and discussions, exhibitions of art and comics books, poetry events, literature and music programme, and charity events.

BOOK ARSENAL will be attended by authors, musicians and artists from Italy, Austria, France, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Israel, and Russia.About 50 Ukrainian authors will present their new publications and offer workshops.

The performance 'Ukraine. G-Spot'has been invited to become part of the BOOK ARSENAL 2012.

An organic unit of the performance is the new collection of the famous Ukrainian designer Fedor Vozianov.

'Ukraine: G-Spot' is a performance- presentation of the new book by a political strategist Alyona Sibiryakova.

“Ukraine is not Russia which comprehends itself, writes and talks about itself a lot. Today, when looking at the stage where the book story was presented to the viewer through body, gesture and symbol I ascertained again that my Ukraine is not talking, it is rather dancing. It moves giving rise to emotions and it keeps silent...”


We perform in Lviv

1 October

Within 12-16 September, 2012 the biggest book event of the year, the 19th International Publishers Forum took place in Lviv. This year the forum was visited by 45 000 people, 764 Ukrainian and international publishing houses became its participants. The visiting guests of the Lviv Forum were writers, literature critics and experts, performers from 16 countries of the world: Australia, Austria, Great Britain, Georgia, Latvia, Macedonia, Norway, SAR, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, USA, Croatia, Czech Republi and Sweden. And, certainly, Ukraine!

On September, 14 the presentation of a new book of the Kiev political technologist Alena Sibiryakova 'Ukraine. G-Spot' took place in the Lviv Dominican Cathedral within the framework of the Forum. 'Ukraine. G-Spot' is the book about the internal essence of the processes taking part in the post-Soviet space within the last decade, including in politics, public life and personal communications.

The main event of the presentation became the performance which united theatre, dance and videoart into an emotional and visual image.

Such a non standard solution of the literary piece presentation attracted the attention of the public gathered under the domes of the cathedral which is one of the most famous monuments of baroque architecture in the city, built in 1749 to the project of Jan de Vitte using the funds of the great Polish hetman Yousef Pototskyy.

'Ukraine.G-Spot' performance is an example of the joint creative work of the director and choreographer Marina Lymar and professional performers Daniil Belkin, Vitaly Yeloyev (the graduates of Dnepropetrovsk contemporary dance centre 'Other Dances'), Maria Kondratieva and Anastasia Kostenko.

'This is a combination of a physial movement with a modern literary product, written in the modern language and raising modern topics', - Marina comments. 'Specially for Lviv, the city which roots go back into the depth of centuries, we tried to bring seclusion and sacrality into the action, find the spot where classics and modernity meet'.

Great news!

1 October

The performance “Nice people, or What does «деликатность» mean?” has been selected into the programme of the tenth HIGH FEST International Performing Arts Festival
which is to take place in Yerevan within 2 - 9 October, 2012.

According to experts, HIGH FEST is one of the most respected theatre festivals in the post-Soviet space. Among those invited to participate in the festival programme are also theatre companies from France, Great Britain, Portugal, Georgia, Japan, Iran and Turkey.

At the HIGH FEST 2012 Ukraine will be represented by the Dance Theatre UviMkneni(Odessa-Dnipropetrovsk). Wishing the light and inspiring stage!


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