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Вам никогда не удастся создать из детей мудрецов,если вы будете убивать в детях шалунов...

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Odessa.Magnetic Point

27 February

Marina Lymar speaks on Odessa, the phenomenon of Place and the phenomenon of Community:

«On 13, March we'll be dancing 'Ukraine. G Point" in Odessa. I know my friends and colleagues will attend, our Spectator will attend.

And I'm nervous like a first-grader on the eve of 1, September. Honestly...

Because one can't make a blunder in Odessa. There're so many GENUINE, LIVE AND LOVING-BELOVED things which link me to the city.

My own phenomenon of opening up Odessa is the unique relationship with this place where I exist and which is ready to include me
(this is something I sensed clearly at some certain moment). If you really get deep in it instead of sliding on its surface,
it lets you in, bestows its gifts on you and unites. It allows you be inside itself together with the Other One.

Someone who is like you... Who is open to the affect of the place.

This is where and exactly how our community which is the dance theatre «UviMkneni» was born.

We met in the point of opening something new, where The Other One «possesses the fullness of presence, while 'ego' possesses an extreme insufficiency».

Each of us has gone through becoming different, wasn't afraid of the other one's being different, stayed perceptive to the other person's statements.

We're happy that our community keeps attracting those Others who are open to its affect.

Belonging to the community holds each one in his unique essence, manifests this essence in willingness
to see in the Other One not only what's familiar, pleasing and acceptable, but also what's new, unknown, contradictory...

Which can also be related to truth...»

UviMkneni dance company.
International Project
"German-French Meetings with Ukraine"

18 February

UviMkneni Dance Company on the stage of Donbass Opera.
International Project "German-French Mettings with Ukraine".
Donetsk,December 2012

10 February

Wonderful book for adults, bursting into childhood!

4 February

DRUGIYE TANTSY (OTHER DANCES) have started working at the new spectacle. A joint creative work of the children and pedagogues is based on the material of an admirable book by Lewis Carroll «Alice in Wonderland».

As the author himself was mentioning, the book which was written for children, was loved not only by them. Reading «Alice», children are sincerely enjoying the unusual and exciting turns of the plot, the bright and fancy world inhabited by ‘crazy’ in a good sense characters. You just allow the kids, they’d happily find themselves in such a reality which is so cosy, joyful, diverse and looking different every single moment.

But, perhaps, ‘Alice’ is loved by adults even more. Especially, by intelligent adults...
Why? How should one understand it?
…”It is actually not necessary to understand”, - the Cheshire Cat would answer you.
“ It is necessary to love and feed on time”.
Indeed, it is not easy to formulate the cause of a sincere and now more than a centennial love of the adult part of the mankind to this book. What do we love it for?

For the author’s amazing fantasy? For the secrets it bestows on us? For the fact we can open up those secrets during an entire life? For the after-reading wish to believe in magic and preserve a piece of childhood inside?

Yes! For all that! ‘Alice’ is a whole world..., a simple and spontaneous world. Here’s a kingdom of wordplay and paradoxes. Here each character is surrealistic, there’s nothing looking like our reality, while this same feeling of reality doesn’t leave us even for a second. And because of that everything gets ‘more and more curious!!

It isn’t a coincidence, that Carroll was a mathematician. His language, his characters are perfect exactly to the extent the science is perfect. A slight touch of insanity just adds an even bigger charm to the book.

The fairy tale, in which everyone finds his own place and opens the door into the world made only for himself, is still interesting and close for both children, and adults.
And, maybe, as a result, DRUGIYE TANTSY (OTHER DANCES) will produce NOT THE NO ONE spectacle, but rather NOT A spectacle! And maybe, something DIFFERENT at all!


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