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From the press

2 November

«One can easily call the performance "Nice people or What does "delicay" mean?" to be the innovation for Ukraine. The dance step towards understanding of the human soul, an amazing combination of illusion and reality»

Vecherniy Donetsk

Words are, undoubtedly, a great power. Still, what can't be expressed with words, can always be 'said' with a glance, music and dance. It is such a 'dancing revelation' which the Ukrainian dance theatre
'Uvi Mkneni' showed within the framework of the High Fest.
«Nice people or What does «delicacy» mean? Is a beautiful, figurative and deep dance performance.
There were neither bright costumes, nor sets. Just young girls dancing barefeet, ligh and music, and at times even it was not to be found. «Dumb», soundless dance made hold breath, while the performance finale was so shrill that the chance to forget the images created by a talented troupe equaled zero.

Novoye Vremja, Yerevan

When one of the heroines started speaking, the public was astounded, because words as part of a dance performance are not expected at all. At least, that's the tradition. When the girl quietly and unobtrusively called for dialogue, the Donetsk public was about to bury their heads in sand. No one expected such an intimacy. Every one was questioned about whether loneliness is needed – quite a philosophic issue. The performers were not satisfied with a short answer, as if they tried to dig for some truth.
The Ukrainian spectator is used to watch the performance being a passive observer. The parallel world as is being built on stage is unreal, it just doesn't exist. When the heroes are capable of jumping out of the performance, they make public shocked. Do the imagined heroes see the auditorium, do they want to include it in their own actions? Such turns bring true emotions, like interest about what to expect further, or fear that the personal space, the cocoon where everyone hides will be ruined...

Performance "Ukraine.Spot G" is a corporal comprehension of processes taking place in modern Ukraine. According to the author of the book bearing the same name Alyona Sibiryakova, Ukraine is very corporal.
"It is not Russia which comprehends itself, writes and talks about itself a lot. When looking at the stage where the book story is presented to the viewer through body, gesture and symbol I ascertained again that my Ukraine is not talking, it is rather dancing. It moves giving rise to emotions and it keeps silent..."
While thus fixing the situation in the country, the author of the book «Ukraine. Spot G» doesn't offer the way out. The attitude of the performance director, Marina Lymar, is more optimistic. She ends the performance with the dance mise en scene, musically accompanied by Svyatoslav Vakarchuk's song «But I'm free, as I'm alive».

Сulturometr Odessa


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