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Вам никогда не удастся создать из детей мудрецов,если вы будете убивать в детях шалунов...

Жан-Жак Руссо




Other Dances, Other Life!

3 October

I wish all of you, my friends:
Not just a successful ... fortunate ..., but rather a different (quality wise)! hitherto unprecedented season! Even finer, even deeper, even more honest ... Even more unexpected! up to light dizziness.
Even more openness, lightness, impartiality, whims and vertikultyapstvo!
Your overflow from one project to another while following a coherent energy of your interest ...
Immersion and search, finding out the most important amid the heaps of unnecessary and unreal ... and that your intuition never fails.
Incredibly creative and reliable travel companions, partners, areas and moments that merge into a pure stream of consciousness…
May all the Higher Forces support us!
Maryna Lymar


современный танец | contemporary dance | театр танца | школа танца в Днепропетровске | детская танцевальная школа | перформанс | физический театр