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Вам никогда не удастся создать из детей мудрецов,если вы будете убивать в детях шалунов...

Жан-Жак Руссо



Performing Arts Association

UvіMknenі is an independent art community, formed in Ukraine within 2012 - 2014 who determine performance, dance and physical theater as a sphere of their artistic interest.

The community was formed at the point of opening something new, where the other one possesses the fullness of presence, while someone’s own "I" is dramatically insufficient. Each of us has undergone the process of becoming the other one, didn’t get scared of the otherness of the other one, remained perceptive and open to the statements of the other. The community continues to grow actively and involves into a professional artistic process those creative personalities who are open to its affect.

We are interested in dance, theater, performance in the context of the study and open dialogue with the audience and other artists. We are encouraged by the opportunity to rethink personal experience by means of art, as well as the opportunity to experience art as a personal experience...


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